Tina (aka Mrs. McLean-Carter <33) (musicalrose) wrote in ajmcleanluvers,
Tina (aka Mrs. McLean-Carter <33)

Does ANYONE have the Come Together Now song/video??

Hey every1! I dunno if links to these things have been posted already, but I REALLY want to download the song that AJ, Nick & other celebs did to benefit Katrina/tsunami victims! *Actually, if I can't have BOTH, I'd much prefer the MUSIC VIDEO for it (then I'll have both audio AND visual*). I tried Nickaos.com (?) today but the site's currently giving me problems, as is the official site for the benefit (Dunno about y'all but the site seems set up kinda weird). If anyone can provide with a link-OTHER than the ones I just mentioned-to the song/vid *EVEN IF I CAN'T DOWNLOAD, JUST SEE/HEAR IT!!!* it'd be very much appreciated! And I'll try to give something in return, if I can! Thanx a mil & a 1/2!! <3~Tina

p.s.~ I have the link to I Still vid, if any1 wants it!! =)
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