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BSB Survey! =)

Hey every1! *waves* Sorry I haven't posted/browsed in awhile. To make up for it, I decided to post a fun BSB Survey that I filled out awhile back **I also have another, different 1 that i'm gonna fill out/post @ a later time. Consider yourself warned! lol ;o)** Just follow & cut & enjoy (I'll make sure to check out what fun stuff y'all have posted very soon!)!~Tina "McLean-Carter"
p.s.~ Like the icon? =) It's a "musical rose" haha!

NAME: Tina (aka Beavis, QueenTMI, Scarlett, Mrs. McLean-Carter,Tins, etc!)
AGE: 23 (Gonna be 24 on Jan.14 '06! Mark your calendars! ;o) )
GENDER: Femme Fatale O:-)
LOCATION: Syracuse, NY
WHAT DO YOU DO (JOB, SCHOOL, ETC.): Currently working a seasonal job @ the Disney Store; plan on getting my bachelor's in Early Childhood/Childhood Ed Fall '06 (I plan on giving student teaching another chance)


HOW OLD WERE YOU WHEN YOU FIRST BECAME A FAN? 16 yrs. old (became hooked in '98 after seeing their Everybody vid +hearing 'em in concert for the 1st time =oD)
WHAT WAS YOUR INITIAL REACTION: "They're awesome!!" And the vampire's hot!!" (Not a REAL vamp, of course! lol I was referring to Howie in the Everybody vid)
BE HONEST-- WASN'T IT BECAUSE YOU THOUGHT THEY WERE CUTE? Be honest, eh? Well, actually, the very 1st time I saw 'em was in the ALAYLM vid....& I didn't think they were all that hot *covers self with hands & waits for the bloody onslaught lol* Even after I saw Everybody AND saw 'em in concert, the only 1 I liked was Howie (tho I thought they were all awesome). Then I saw this 1 pic of AJ & was like, "Hmm..." lol
WHO/WHAT WAS THE INITIAL CATALYST THAT MADE YOU "OFFICIALLY" A FAN?"became hooked in '98 after seeing their Everybody vid +hearing 'em in concert for the 1st time =oD" -I posted this answer already! lol

HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN A FAN? Well, I've been a major fan since '98, so *starts counting on fingers* 7 YEARS!! lol


BACKSTREET BOY: I love 'em all, but my main Boy is AJ (with a side of Nick ;o)) <3
ALBUM: Toss up between Black&Blue & their latest album
SONG, LIVE: I like ALL of their songs when they're sung live, esp. Drowning, Incomplete & Show Me the Meaning
SONG, RECORDED: Drowning!! =)
UNRELEASED: God, too many! lol Forces of Nature, Rush Over Me or Memories
DANCE SEQUENCE: The dance they do in the extended vers of Everybody, the whole beginning they did for LTL during the Millenium tour, or the Call dance from their last tour !
AD LIB:*drawing blank*
VIDEO/DVD: Backstage Pass or The Hits: Chapter One
REMIX OF A BSB SONG: The Call feat. The Neptunes (that's our jam, rite Fay? ;o))
A CAPPELLA VERSION OF A BSB SONG: BSB has such awesome voices; anything accapella that they do is awesome! =)
TELEVISION SPECIAL/PERFORMANCE: I can't decide... maybe the BSB Around the World thingy or the special they did w/ Shania Twain
QUOTE FROM A MEMBER OF THE GROUP: Probably some of their "classics" (as in doofy ) ones lol. The ones Amy & I quote all the time, rite Amy? LOL...
1. "South Africa! You dummy! South Africa you dildo!" ~ Kev calling AJ a dildo when he accidentally referred to S. Africa as S. America in the Around the World special
2. "So I wish you all a good flight, a good night, Godspeed, Godbless, & ...ya know what? As always...yo can kiss my @$$"~ AJ 's response to Kev calling him a dildo LOL
3. Fatima:"Oh my God! Howard!"
~In response to Howie taking of his shirt & strutting during the ALAYLM shoot in Backstage Pass(Brian pretended to cover Howie up by throwing himself in front of him & saying "censor" all gay-like LOL)
4. (my personal fav lol) AJ: Gilligan 2000, the Wave of the Future. Hey Skipper...where we gonna go today?!
Howie: Yo homey, Gilligan! We's goin' back to da' islands!
AJ: Word!
Howie: To yer brotha!
~ AJ & Howie being goofballs while trying on some funky clothes for the ALAYLM shoot


BEEN TO A BSB CONCERT? Gee lemme think, umm...only SIX TIMES! lol
MADE/LOST FRIENDS THROUGH BSB? Made online friends? Yes. Became closer to friends because of BSB (*cough* Angels!*cough*)? HECK YES! and I've never lost any friends cuz of 'em...just get picked un mercilessly lol
MADE A BSB WEBSITE/NEWSLETTER/CLUB? Tried making sites awhile ago but not anymore. But I'm a part of their offish fanclub, isquad, a whole crapload of LJ communities...& BSB Angels of course! 0;o)
MET ANY OR ALL OF THE BSB? KEVIN! Hence one of the many "summer dreams" from 6/30/01 that came true! =) Plus I've had many close encounters w/ AJ & Nick!! =oD
SENT IN A VIDEO TO "FANatic"? Nope but thought about it after seeing those 2 girls win a chance to see 'em! All I could've done was send in a videotape of us crazy Angels & we would've been golden!
WRITTEN FICTION/POETRY ABOUT BSB? Fanfiction, yes. I've written a handful in the past (some finished, some not lol) as well as currently working on one! =)
"CONVERTED' SOMEONE? ND' SOMEONE? No but I've tried! LOL Actually, I kinda converted Amy, in a way (she was more into NSYNC*shudder* @ 1st!)


YOUR THOUGHTS WHEN YOU FIRST HEARD BSB: "They've got awesome voices!"
YOURSELF, AS A FAN: Loyal, dedicated, & totally smitten lol
YOUR FELLOW BSB FANS: are awesome (like my fellow Angels & some others)!! I have many frends/BSB fans who I can talk to about their music, do BSB-related things with (such as concerts) & just share in the fun & dedication. Then there are the so-called "fans" who've lost interest in 'em over the yrs. They either think BSB's ol', they're "too cool/old" for BSB now, etc. That or they get too posessive about 'em, like those who got mad when Bri/Kev got married. Those kinda "fans" tick me off!!
WHY YOU ARE STILL A FAN TO THIS DAY: Because they're so gifted & charismatic! I LOVE their personalities, esp. when they're together. Whether onstage or off, they appear to have this goofing-around, be-there-for-eachother-always brotherhood. Their music also helped me thru some of the most difficult times of my life <3
WHAT BSB HAVE MEANT IN YOUR LIFE: The last line of my last answer pretty much sez it all! Their music came thru for me when I was suffering severe depression in high school & basically wanted to end it all.
YOUR REFLECTIONS ON PAST BSB ALBUMS, COLLECTIVELY: They seem to reflect their growth over the years,both thru the lyrics & thru the music styles. I think their personal bests are B&B & Never Gone, tho they did an amazing job on Millenium, as well!!
YOUR FEELINGS ABOUT NEVER GONE: Some songs could've been better, but overall, I <3'd it! =)
YOUR FUTURE EXPECTATIONS FROM BSB: To keep doing what they do best: put out new albums, tour & keep their chemistry/friendship alive!!

...YOU NEVER WANT TO HEAR AN INTERVIEWER ASK THEM, EVER AGAIN: Probably the age-old "boxers or brief" or the "Are you single?" question. Every1 should know already that 2 of 'em are married!! And that we have no chance with the other 3 (tho I'd give my left writing arm to lol). I also don't like any Q's that revolve around whether they still think they have the rite stuff or whatever =op
...YOU ADMIRE ABOUT THE BACKSTREET BOYS AS PEOPLE: They seem like a buncha fun, kindhearted men
...YOU'VE ALWAYS WONDERED ABOUT A MEMBER OF BSB: I'm sure both Cassie & I have an answer for this one. Regarding Howie?! *cough* Gay! *cough* JUST KIDDING AMY!! I wuv him =) i've seriously wondered how each one is in be-nevermind! =oX
...YOU'VE DONE AS A FAN THAT MIGHT BE CONSIDERED A LIL "CRAZY": Spent a TON of $ (i.e. from ebay) on tix, stood on chairs & almost fell off while trying to get "Flying Nick's" attn during the Milenium tour, stalking (looked for their hotel rms, tracked down their tourbus, etc).
...YOU'VE BOUGHT BECAUSE IT WAS BSB MERCHANDISE, BUT NEVER USED/WORN: I usually end up using all the BSB stuff I purchase in 1 way or another (shirts, keychains, etc) tho there's some keychains I've never actually put on my keys! And how can ya "use" the programs?!
...THAT MAKES YOU UNIQUE AMONG ALL OF BSB'S FANS: That I'd literally mortgage my house or whatever so I could meet them!! (tho I'm sure other crazy fans might do that, too! lol)
...YOU'D LIKE THE BSB TO DO, IF YOU HAD YOUR WAY? Have a concert day where they'll just let ANYONR backstage to meet 'em. That or they could always have a concert @ MY house!! =oD
...YOU LOVE ABOUT YOUR FELLOW BSB FANS? Didn't I answer this Q already?? lol Basically I love talking about/doing BSB-related things with 'em. I also love how must of them aren't afraid to show their BSB pride (or in some cases, BSB Angel Pride ;o).

KTBSPA in Your <3 ALWAYS!!!
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