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AJ Mclean Luvers' Journal
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Saturday, April 1st, 2006
8:20 am
Hi all,

Newbie here..HUGE AJ MClean Fan, I mean i've been lovin' him since ..dunno..forever! LOL.  I just love his attitude, his humor, his style, his personality..everything! lol
I'm glad I found a community for him, I'm usually behind on the times so it's nice to hear about him once in a while and see what other fans are up to :)

As a newbie I'll let you all know I'm a graphic maniac lately I've been addicted to making icons, so for my
first post I'm going to do a lil pimpin' on these new AJ icons I made :D 

All resource and how to use my icons are listed on my user page! Comments are ALWAYS welcomed ;)



Find more here

Monday, February 20th, 2006
2:41 pm
Hi, So for the past few years I've had a BSB fanfic Awards site...and I just recently moved it to LJ cuz it's easier to update it. Anyway, nominations are now open...so if you guys know any awesome stories, I'd love you to nominate them. Hehe, check the site out. Thanks. :)

Whispers Of The Heart

If this isn't allowed, I apologize.

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Thursday, February 16th, 2006
5:20 pm
A few requests! =)
If any of you could at least provide me with one of these things, I'd love you forever! lol


-Let's Do it For Love
-Lift Me Up (pref. the whole song but a clip would be the next best thing)
-Extended vers. of Rumors & Happ (if there are such things lol)


-AJ's newest appearance on Cribs (showing his Malibu home)
-The alternate vid for Drowning (the unreleased one where its raining!) or the making of it
-Brian, Howie & Kev's Millenium commercials!

Well, there they are. Thre for three. I posted these requests on the backstreetboys group, but haven't heard back. If any1 on here can help me out, it'd be much appreciated! Thanx bunches! =) <3

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Wednesday, January 18th, 2006
2:14 pm
Finely it is up...
After having spent so much time changing everything around my site http://www.whispasoftheheart.net/ is up. I have one story up at the moment and some things to look at, so if you like a good fanfic then please go have a look. Anyways that is all I wanted to say.

Oh also there are some links that don't work at the moment, they will be open soon as well.

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Monday, January 2nd, 2006
2:44 pm
If any of you are interested in reading and writing fan fiction OR role-playing, come check out notquiteceleb! Any questions can be sent to notquitecelebrity@yahoo.com :)
Tuesday, December 13th, 2005
12:54 pm
Letting you know...
I don't know if this is allowed, and I am sorry if it is not. A while back I thought up of an idea, and then I put it motion, a totally interactive story in a journal, where people could interact with the character as if she were real. Now I know you are wondering what this has to do with the Boys, well they feature in the story and though not the stars long with the main character, they are around a whole lot. If you look at the characters list you will see what I mean. I was wondering if any one was interested in doing this, yeah if I ever get this published your names will go down in the book, so please feel free to join, and type away and leave as many messages as you wish, I will respond to any left in the comments part of the journal, as fans of hers or fans of the boys. I have a small intro on her in the info but I hope to add more later, for now I am just going to go, and I will try my best to update as often as possible.

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Saturday, December 10th, 2005
7:22 pm
oops-sorry =o\
Did the lj cut wrong. It's fixed now!
7:10 pm
BSB Survey! =)
Hey every1! *waves* Sorry I haven't posted/browsed in awhile. To make up for it, I decided to post a fun BSB Survey that I filled out awhile back **I also have another, different 1 that i'm gonna fill out/post @ a later time. Consider yourself warned! lol ;o)** Just follow & cut & enjoy (I'll make sure to check out what fun stuff y'all have posted very soon!)!~Tina "McLean-Carter"
p.s.~ Like the icon? =) It's a "musical rose" haha!

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Thursday, November 10th, 2005
5:01 pm
Does ANYONE have the Come Together Now song/video??
Hey every1! I dunno if links to these things have been posted already, but I REALLY want to download the song that AJ, Nick & other celebs did to benefit Katrina/tsunami victims! *Actually, if I can't have BOTH, I'd much prefer the MUSIC VIDEO for it (then I'll have both audio AND visual*). I tried Nickaos.com (?) today but the site's currently giving me problems, as is the official site for the benefit (Dunno about y'all but the site seems set up kinda weird). If anyone can provide with a link-OTHER than the ones I just mentioned-to the song/vid *EVEN IF I CAN'T DOWNLOAD, JUST SEE/HEAR IT!!!* it'd be very much appreciated! And I'll try to give something in return, if I can! Thanx a mil & a 1/2!! <3~Tina

p.s.~ I have the link to I Still vid, if any1 wants it!! =)
Tuesday, October 25th, 2005
11:33 am
Any1 wanna go to the DoroughLupusfoundation cruise?!
What does every1 think of my icon? ;o) Happy "Howie-ween" hahaha =op *made by rosie neno!*

Anyway, a friend of mine is looking for people to go on the DLF cruise with her. It's Dec 14 to Dec 19 or 20, & you'd be leaving from LAX. I believe she was looking for 3 or 4 other people, though she might've found some people already so the number might be less. Her name's Janet; she's an EXTREMELY nice person (not only does she make an awesome friend but she's so dedicated;she does TONA of charity/volunteer work for BSB & others)! She's also met The Boys MORE then once, so she'd have alot of interesting stories to keep ya occupied =)Besides, it's for a good cause PLUS it's for Howie (Who knows? Ya might meet him!!)

If anyone's interesting, either email her directly (BSBSongwriter@aol.com) & she'll send ya more details, or email me (Summerdream630@aol.com) & I'll fwd the info then let her know you're interested! Thanx a mil & KTBSPA in Your <3! =)

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Sunday, October 23rd, 2005
10:37 am
Hey guys. This is just a heads up to let you all know that I'm starting to post ( with a little push from some friends, cause I'm shy lol ) a fanfic that I've been writing over at rewindbutton if you're interested in that kind of thing. I figured y'all might want to know, since it takes place in 2001 and follow's Aj's addiction, so there's a lot of him in it lol.. It's gotten good feed back from the few who've read what I have so far...so yeah. There's one chapter up there right now, but I've got about 11 written, so I'll post another one sometime today. :D

I think this is allowed, but if not, feel free to delete and sorry for the trouble.

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Saturday, October 15th, 2005
2:48 pm
Was wondering about next single *if this double-posts, 4give!*
Has anyone else on here heard that places like Europe are getting "I Still" as a single/vid while the US is supposed to get "Crawling Back to You"?! I remember hearing this somewhere & I was wondering if anyone could confirm/deny it! All I've seen so far are pics from the "I Still" vid shoot, & nothing from a supposed "Crawling..." vid. If any1 could help me, that'd be appreciated-I'm confused =oP Also, does any1 know when the new single is supposed to hit the airwaves & wen the vid's gonna be on TV? Thanx! =)

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2:40 pm
Was wondering about the next single...
Has anyone else on here heard that places like Europe are getting "I Still" as a single/vid while the US is supposed to get "Crawling Back to You"?! I remember hearing this somewhere & I was wondering if anyone could confirm/deny it! All I've seen so far are pics from the "I Still" vid shoot, & nothing from a supposed "Crawling..." vid. If any1 could help me, that'd be appreciated-I'm confused =oP Also, does any1 know when the new single is supposed to hit the airwaves & wen the vid's gonna be on TV? Thanx! =)

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Tuesday, October 11th, 2005
12:55 am
My friend posted on her LJ the name of a song performed by BSB, as well as songs written by Nick. Here's the list...

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Does anyone have that one song performed by BSB?? I'd also like these songs nick wrote, whether him/BSB performs them or not (I'd even like the ones he did for his sibs). HOWEVER, I'd prefer ones that Nick/BSB performed, tho most of these might be songs he wrote but never had recorded. Thanx a mil! =)
Tuesday, October 4th, 2005
10:38 am
Ive decided to make some AJ icons, but this might broaden.... I have fallen in love with AJ's smile, especially when he is not wearing sunglasses. There are two pictures that have particularly inspired me. I want to make a series(Ive seen kaostic do it, so I thought "hey, why not"... thank you!).. I want to call it the "Priceless" series.. And now the question, if there is an AJ(or any of the guys) picture where he is smiling, like one of those really amazing smiles that we all know and love.. could you send it to me, or let me know where I can find it... I havent started lookinf officially, except for those two inspirations, but I thought that I should ask all of you since Im making them to share =)

Feel free to let me know your thoughts, etc. If you want to send me a several through email, let me know so I can give you my email addy!

Thanks a bunch, KTBSPA!

cross posted in backstreetboys
Monday, October 3rd, 2005
9:01 pm
Happy Birthday To...
Just wanted to wish Kevin a happy birthday! =) Here's to another years of success, happiness, & lotsa love, from your family, friends, fellow Backstreet Boys, & us fans!! Just remember: THe "BSB Angels" (Me, Amy, Fay, Cassie, Sam, Dani, & Kristin) are watching over you! 0;o)<3 ya & HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
Saturday, October 1st, 2005
2:43 pm
This is interesting (& kinda funny!)
I didn't know that the idea to send Poprocks to MTV was inspired by the whole Carson Daly/Chapstick thing!! LOL I also didn't know it was a comment by Leighanna Littrell that kinda started the whole Operation Pandora's Box (http://www.westandtogether.net) campaign!

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Thursday, September 29th, 2005
3:37 pm
picture request
Does anyone have a clear, full picture of the shirt that Aj wore on Oprah? I've tried doing prints off the video I have, but unfortunetly not clear enough. I need a picture that shows all the lettering,


9:44 am
Wow Its been along time since my last post umm i should start posting more and more...I have a question though, i missed Jimmy Kimmel Live thursday night i think the 22nd at 1205am i went to bed early and well i fell asleep and by the time i got my friends text mesg on my cell i got it by the morning and i missed their performance i was wondering if anyone has pictures or the link to the show on the abc site where they have the pictures of the guys performing could ya help me out and post them here i would greatly appreciate it alot..i hope that if they do repeat the show i can tape it then..i'll be waiting patiently til they do..if anyone could help me out with the pics i'd love that too..anywho i'll ttyl...

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Monday, September 26th, 2005
10:19 am
BSB/AJ icons! :)
Please comment & credit bonesbaby33 if you take any. Enjoy!



(Follow the fake cut!)

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