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This is interesting (& kinda funny!)

I didn't know that the idea to send Poprocks to MTV was inspired by the whole Carson Daly/Chapstick thing!! LOL I also didn't know it was a comment by Leighanna Littrell that kinda started the whole Operation Pandora's Box (http://www.westandtogether.net) campaign!

A few Years back BSB fans got together and started a snail mail campaign. Many of us thought Carson Daly was a bit of an ass kisser. So, we sent along tubes of Chap Stick telling Carson we thought he could use it. Years ago when the Mature Fan Club was invited to TRL, Carson showed them a huge drawer full of Chap Stick that had been sent by BSB fans. We're doing something similar.
We're sending along "Pop Rocks" the candy. Saying to MTV that "Pop Rocks!" (You can send them in a letter, or folders, whatever, just as along as the pop rocks will fit in inside.)
With the message "JUST WANT YOU TO KNOW....POP ROCKS!" or "Stop the Hatin'...start playin' BSB" We also think it would be cool if you signed your letters: "Peace, Love, and Backstreet!" That is just a suggestion, we don't want any, "OMG I hate MTV, you guys suck!" messages. You may write what ever like, but keep in mind:
1.)Keep it short and sweet.
2.)Try and be respectful. No hate messages! We don't want the Boys and their fans to look bad.
3.)We want them to take this all very seriously! Let's be adult about it!
We want MTV to get the letters the day of the protest, September 15. So mail your letters out between the 11th and 13th.

MTV's address:
MTV Studios
1515 Broadway
New York, NY 10036

Also you can join the BSB I-Squad because you can get all the radio stations from your hometown on one page and you can email them every 6 hours.
There is a link to TRL that you can vote every 3 hours. PLUS you can hit station sites, call in flood them that day too!

Send as many letters with pop rocks as you can! Even if you can only send one, you're doing your part to help the boys!
If you have any questions please e-mail Jen or myself. We'll be glad to answer them!

That infamous letter from Leighanne, who brought all this forward:
"Also, a little FYI for you to do with what you would like. At present time MTV states they do not want to play BSB's music because they do not want pop music to make a comeback. Their quote is that they don't want to open Pandora's Box. Anything the fans could do to support the boys and not to give MTV the power to decide that what the world should and should not hear. This is the second time MTV has tried to hold down the BSB from becoming the best that they can be. If there is anything you can do to help, it would be greatly appreciated."

We liked to give a big thank you to Leighanne Littrell on behalf of BSB fans, for confirming what BSB fans had suspected all these years.
Thanks for thinking of us and letting us know we're not crazy! :) <3
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