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Any1 wanna go to the DoroughLupusfoundation cruise?!

What does every1 think of my icon? ;o) Happy "Howie-ween" hahaha =op *made by rosie neno!*

Anyway, a friend of mine is looking for people to go on the DLF cruise with her. It's Dec 14 to Dec 19 or 20, & you'd be leaving from LAX. I believe she was looking for 3 or 4 other people, though she might've found some people already so the number might be less. Her name's Janet; she's an EXTREMELY nice person (not only does she make an awesome friend but she's so dedicated;she does TONA of charity/volunteer work for BSB & others)! She's also met The Boys MORE then once, so she'd have alot of interesting stories to keep ya occupied =)Besides, it's for a good cause PLUS it's for Howie (Who knows? Ya might meet him!!)

If anyone's interesting, either email her directly (BSBSongwriter@aol.com) & she'll send ya more details, or email me (Summerdream630@aol.com) & I'll fwd the info then let her know you're interested! Thanx a mil & KTBSPA in Your <3! =)
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